Hey college aged people! Looking for your community at Gateway?

We have different small group opportunities for you depending on where you live. Your age group is vital for bringing creativity, fun, and life to our church. Outside of your small group we hope to see you as a participant of Gateway, both by attending the Inspire service each week and finding a place to serve…like with students or kids!

The highest percentage of those not involved in a Christ-following community includes you, the college student. We understand you are busy with home work, scrapping money together for rent, and trying to meet new friends. Give Gateway a try, these communities can be life-changing for you!

Questions? Contact studentsnorth@gatewaychurch.com

Join a Group!

“I LOVE my college small group. It’s brought me closer to other girls and has helped me open up to people because of our amazing bond. College group has brought me closer to God because of the subjects we talk about. We go into deep detail and study of the Bible and aren’t afraid to explore both simple and hard questions each other have. I LOVE it!” – Ruby