Campus Serve

There are many ways to serve at Gateway! Our desire is to help each other discover our gifts so we can change our world. Although your unique gifts can be used in many ways, Gateway has amazing opportunities to serve each and every week. Check out some of the ways you can serve at Gateway below and then let us know about your interest!

Hospitality Roles

Every week, thousands of people attend a Gateway location, many for the first time. Our desire is that everyone feels comfortable and at home. Serving opportunities include friendly greeters, helpful guides in the parking lot, kid’s check-in helpers, food and drink service, and many other roles!

Skilled Roles

Although there are many roles that anyone can jump into and help, there are roles that require very specific skills and knowledge. Some of these roles require specific training or experience. These opportunities include musicians and vocalists, IT Systems/Video/Audio Tech Support, photographers, camera operators, and stage hosts/communicators.

Relational/Mentor Roles

The majority of people coming to Gateway are looking for more than just a good message or inspiring experience. They’re looking for a friendship or community. Some are looking for help and guidance. We have many incredible ways you can meet a specific relational need! Opportunities include leading groups for adults, teenagers and kids, 12-Step Volunteers, marriage coaches, or cuddling babies during services.

Support Roles

It’s amazing how many things happen behind the scenes that no can see, but if it they didn’t happen, Gateway wouldn’t work. This church requires a small army of people who work in the background to support hundreds of ministry opportunities that happen every week. Opportunities include weekday office support, stage hands, stage/set design, curriculum editors, set up / tear down, and much more.

Serve at Gateway

So how can you use your unique gifts at Gateway?

Fill out the form below, and we’ll invite you to take your next best step towards serving based on where you attend on Sundays. We’ll also send you to our spiritual gifts assessment so you can learn how God uniquely gifted you!

  • We’ll then share how you can get an overview of serving opportunities at the Gateway location you attend.
  • Depending on how you want to serve, there may be a training or  an orientation. Some roles also require an application.
  • Finally, you’ll join a Serve Team and experience the joy of making a difference!

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