Harvey. Irma. Maria. Las Vegas. Charlottesville. New York City. Mexico City. Northern California. Sutherland Springs. Stories of natural and human destruction have dominated the headlines this year. What happens when the news cycle moves on? What’s left behind? What is God’s plan? Simply put, we are. You are. The Church stays engaged. We are called to use our gifts and resources to create epicenters of impact that make an eternal difference around the world. God has uniquely positioned Gateway in Austin and with partnerships in some of the hardest hit places — Houston, Las Vegas, Haiti and Burundi. We have a chance to join together and stay beyond the headlines. Unprecedented disaster calls for unprecedented generosity.

To give towards these epicenters of impact, just make your donation to the offering of the campus you attend.

Creating Epicenters in Austin and Beyond

As Gateway, we are called to create an epicenter of impact right where we live. Here in Austin, we are striving to help unchurched people become a unified community of growing, multiplying Christ-followers. Our recovery groups rescue those caught in addiction, networks bring new people into community, life groups cultivate spiritual maturity, and, in the next few years, we plan to start new campuses in the Austin area to reach more neighborhoods. We are providing safe places where you and your neighbors can find and share the life and freedom of Jesus within true community, marked by forgiveness and reconciliation with God and each other. In Branson, Missouri, we have a campus that serves over 1,000 of the working poor each week. Our online campus reaches around the world every week impacting lives through our inspire services and online life groups. Your regular budgeted giving allows us to push forward and expand our direct impact.

Beyond our Gateway campuses, we continually seek to empower epicenter partners around the world. These partners are working through local churches in multiplying ways to serve both physical and spiritual needs when the news cycle moves on, yet the need remains.

Ecclesia Church in Houston

Already, with your help, Gateway has sent $20,000 to Ecclesia Church, which is situated at the epicenter of the Hurricane Harvey disaster and is responding to those whose homes were flooded. Over 50 of you have used your talents on teams that transported five truck loads of resources to Houston and helped work with displaced families. Year-end giving will allow Ecclesia to help families with no insurance rebuild and replace the important things lost in Hurricane Harvey.

Verve Church in Las Vegas

The massacre in Las Vegas killed 58 people and wounded 489.  Verve, a church Gateway helped plant, is in the heart of the city and has stepped up to respond.  Our generosity will increase Verve’s capacity to respond in counseling and pastoral care to those who have been impacted by the massacre.

Mission of Hope in Haiti

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma devastated many islands of the Caribbean. The headlines have moved on, but our partner, Mission of Hope, has worked through a network of churches to distribute one million meals, tarps, and resources to some of the hardest hit areas. The impact of every extra $10 given provides 20 meals to children and every $25 provides medical care to those in need.

World Relief in Burundi

Famines in Africa barely make the news, but the devastation remains real for millions. Burundi is one of the hardest hit. Numbered among the poorest countries in the world, chronic malnutrition affects 3 out of every 5 children. World Relief is our epicenter partner changing this statistic. Working through churches to train farmers on food production, World Relief hopes to solve the challenge of chronic malnutrition. Currently, 200 farmers have participated in a pilot program that increased food production to feed approximately 3,000 individuals. The impact of $125 provides the resources for a farmer to increase their yield and improve nutrition for their community. The goal this year is to train an additional 1,400 farmers.


Last year, we raised $200,000 above our budgeted December giving to care for over 1,000 refugee kids and families for the last 12 months through World Relief (global), Hope Clinic (Austin), and United Christian Athletes (Austin). The support provided after school programs, medical care, and created safe places for refugee kids to see and learn about the love of God.

This year, every gift you make, no matter what the size, will bring life transformation. Let’s go above and beyond our normal year-end giving and exceed $200,000 over our budget to give to these epicenter partners. This year’s unprecedented disasters call for unprecedented generosity. Together we can create epicenters of impact here in Austin and around the world.

To give towards these epicenters of impact, just make your donation to the offering of the campus you attend.

For your contribution to be considered in the 2017 tax year, please make your donation prior to midnight CST 12/31/17 or postmarked by 12/31/2017. Thank you.