Hey, middle/high schoolers! Come join us for an all-night lockin/lockout full of crazy fun things including laser tag, trampolines, and traveling around town in a party bus! This is a perfect time to bring your friends! Cost is $50. Registration ends on September 27th. A few walk-in spaces will be available at the door for $60, so register early!

The fun begins on September 28th at 9 p.m. and lasts all night until 7 a.m. Save the date!

Check-in starts at 8:30.

Have any questions? Contact Nathan Sullivan

Frequently Asked Questions

Fall Craze FAQ’s


Any other questions not answered below, please contact Nathan Sullivan at nathan_sullivan@gatewaychurch.com


Q. Where do I drop off my child and pick them up?

A. At Gateway Church located at 7104 McNeil Dr, Austin, TX 78729. Head into the courtyard where you will be directed by volunteers to the check-in stations.  Check-in STARTS AT 8:30PM

Q. What if my student gets sick or tired?

A. If a student is sick, we will isolate them and contact parents for pickup. We will have nurses on site. If a student gets tired, we will have designated separate guys and girls sleeping rooms & changing rooms.

Q.Can my student bring sleeping supplies?

A. Yes.  There are designated separate sleeping rooms for guys and girls.  They can drop their stuff off in those rooms at the beginning of the night before going into program.  These rooms will be monitored during open sleep time by a designated volunteer.


Q. Does my student need to bring money for food/drink?

A. All food and drinks are provided. There will be 3 sodas and unlimited water for each student as well as food provided throughout the night such as pizza & popcorn and breakfast tacos with water for breakfast before heading home.


Q. What is the student to adult leader ratio?

A. 8:1 – 1 Adult per 8 Students.


Q. Who are the adult leaders and what will they be doing?

A. The leaders are background checked, approved, trained middle/high school small group leaders that will be participating in all events of the night with your student. They meet with Gateway’s students every week at their regular program.


Q. Are Middle School & High School students doing everything together?

A. No.  Middle School & High School students are on separate buses and have different schedules and venues that they follow.  They are only together for the first part of the night during the worship and message and then part ways for the remainder of the night both on and off campus.


Q. Can I pick my student up early?

A. Yes.  However you will need to come pick them up at the venue they are at depending on the time.  Students will be at back on Gateway campus by 3:15AM.


Q. Will students be at venues with other people not affiliated with Gateway?

A. No.  Every destination we go to will be completely reserved just for Gateway students.  No other individuals outside of Gateway will be using the facilities and locations we visit.