WE BELIEVE THAT WE ARE ALL CREATED TO LIVE LIFE TO ITS FULLEST RELATIONALLY CONNECTED WITH OTHERS. It does require some intentionality, but we’re here to help. We have opportunities for you to connect with people who live near you, who share similar interests, who are in the same stage of life and/or people who you can serve alongside. We also have awesome places for your kids to connect, as well. So check out a Network and/or a Life Group.


A Network is group of 20 or more people who are relationally connected because they’re committed to each other and to serving together. Some of our Networks are oriented around serving to make our Sunday services possible. Others focus on serving in their neighborhoods or serving a group of people with specific needs at Gateway or in the city.  They meet together on a regular basis to connect socially, support one another, and serve together.


Finding community where we can be intentional about our spiritual growth is going to make all the difference in our spiritual journey! Life Groups are 7-15 people who meet together weekly or every other week. We believe transformation happens as we seek to grow in a relationship with Jesus together. We aim to have real and honest conversations as we study the Bible together, all while becoming increasingly known by others who will help us walk out what we learn.