What is SOS?

Servants on Standby (SOS) is a great opportunity, for those of us a part of Gateway, to serve others in need in our community who have a one-time or short-term need that they are unable to take care of themselves. We do this by having volunteers be “on call” to help as we are made aware of those in need around us.

SOS needs may include such things as:

  • Cooking and serving a meal to someone who is homebound.
  • Driving someone who cannot drive themselves to a doctor’s appointment.
  • Doing a household chore or repair for someone who is convalescing from an illness.

SOS needs do NOT include such things as:

  • Financial assistance.
  • Needs requiring the services of a professional such as a doctor, nurse, plumber or electrician.
  • Ongoing or long-term assistance.

1 to 1 or Community Care can be options for needs that fall outside what SOS is set up to do.

Questions? Email SOS@GatewayChurch.com.

How to Make an SOS Request

  1. If you attend one of our Gateway locations, you can make an SOS request for yourself or someone you know who has a one-time or short-term need that they cannot take care of themselves.
  2. Make an SOS Request by calling the SOS Hotline at 512-763-7671. Leave a voice message with your name, phone number, email, brief description of the need and the part of town the need is in. You are now the SOS contact.
  3. The Gateway SOS Coordinator will try to return your call as soon as possible to assess the need. If the need is a crises situation that needs immediate attention, state that in the message as well.
  4. The SOS Coordinator sends out an SOS alert via email to the SOS Team with information about the need and instructions to respond to you, the Gateway SOS Contact.
  5. Responders who can meet the need call or email you to coordinate the SOS response.
  6. If the need is met, you send an email to SOS@GatewayChurch.com, referencing the SOS Alert Number assigned by the SOS Coordinator, with info about how the response was met.
  7. If the need is not met within one week, please alert the SOS Coordinator to resend the SOS a second time. If no response occurs after two SOS alerts, then the SOS Team of volunteers is not able to help.

Questions? Email SOS@GatewayChurch.com.

How to Be a Servant on Standby

If you’re a part of Gateway and would like to serve as an “on call” volunteer to help meet needs as they arise in our community, we’d love for you to be a Servant on Standby!