Update from South Student Pastor, Ricky Echeona


Our student program is moving online for the foreseeable future. Even though we are socially isolated right now, we are so fortunate to live in a time where we have tools to be able to meet and interact online. Our teens have grown up with social media all around them, so we know this won’t be a difficult transition for them to begin moving their spiritual life online as well. During this time, the student programs on our various campuses will be combining together as one. Students from all campuses will be connecting with our online program in the following three ways:


2@2 Devotional – Instagram

Using Instagram (aka IGTV), we will offer a program called 2@2 starting Monday, March 23rd. This 2-minute devotional video will come out at 2:00 p.m. each week day. Ricky Echeona, the student pastor at South campus, and Ross Sagehorn, the interim student pastor at North campus, are working hard to develop and record these devotional materials to post to our Instagram feed.  Your student can view the material by simply viewing the link to our Instagram page, or they can create an account which will enable them to comment and interact with our other students online as well.


Students Live – Instagram

Sunday nights at 6:30 p.m. we will have a student program live stream via Instagram Live. This will begin on March 29. The live online program will last about 30 minutes and will include a message and maybe an online interactive game. Ricky and Ross are working on a series about Choices for the next four weeks.


Small Group Time – Zoom

Immediately following the Students Live stream, small groups will meet with their small group leaders via Zoom, which is a video-conference service. Small group leaders will contact their students in advance with the link to join their Zoom meeting This will be a time for them to connect face-to-face and have a more free-flowing conversation. They may discuss the 2@2 devotionals, the live stream message content, or just catch up on how things are going.


Your student will continue to connect with the small group leader(s) they’ve been with on their home campus. If your student doesn’t know who their small group leader is, contact us to be connected with a group. 


We look forward to being able to continue to serve our students during this time when so much has been uprooted for them.  Above all, God is good, and He is still in control. We can trust Him, and lean into Him when we are afraid.