The student program at Gateway is for middle school and high school students from 6th-12th grades. Our weekly program at Gateway North, known as One Eighty, meets Sunday nights from 5:30-7:30 p.m. From 5:30 to 6:30 we gather in The Garage for incredible worship and fun, followed by a large group message that is relevant to all of our students. Our hope is that they head into their small groups feeling both encouraged and challenged.

Our messages speak to what Scripture says about faith and life, but the true intention is to set our small group leaders up for success in deeper more specific discussion in their small groups.  Small groups take place immediately after our message, starting around 6:30. Students will continue to be split by grade and gender.

As small groups wrap up for the evening, we gather together again in the courtyard to enjoy a light dinner, listen to music, and hang with friends!

Questions? Contact studentsnorth@gatewaychurch.com



What is “Large Group”?

One Eighty creates two environments every Sunday, Large & Small Group. In large group we all gather in The Garage for incredible worship and fun, followed by a message from our student pastor that we believe is relevant to all of our students. Our hope is that they head in to their small groups feeling both encouraged and challenged.

What is a “Small Group”?

Small groups provide that fuel that drives students to make good choices during the week. Ideally led by two adult leaders, each small group includes students from the same age and gender. This gives them the opportunity to develop a group of Christian friends close to home, which leads to further encouragement and accountability. Students enjoy getting together outside of church with their Small Group Leaders and small groups for community service, personal/spiritual growth, and additional fun.

How can I, as a parent, get involved with One Eighty?

We’re glad you asked! There are lots of ways to participate in the fun as you experience your own spiritual growth through serving. You can start by asking your small group leader how you can support him or her. Offer to set up a trip, provide transportation to an outing, or host a gathering. You could also send an encouraging note. Any time you can provide the leaders an opportunity to hang out with their students, ministry is happening. If you want to do more, consider becoming a small group leader or joining our One Eighty hospitality team. For more information, click on the “Serve” box above.

Can a parent be a small group leader of his or her student?

Becoming a small group leader is a fun and exciting way to stay engaged with your own student. We absolutely encourage parents to become small group leaders- and, we need you- but we do not permit parents to lead their own children during One Eighty. Some students need more space than others and are far more likely to be candid in small group discussions when parents are not present. We’ll help find the best fit for you, as well as the right place to maximize your student’s experience at One Eighty.

How is my student’s small group leader or group chosen?

Small group leaders volunteer to participate and then go through an interview/approval process before being selected to lead students. We group all students by grade, geographic area, and gender.

Can my student bring a friend to ONE EIGHTY?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. One Eighty is designed to be fun and inspirational for every student. We’re thrilled when your student is excited to share what he or she is experiencing at church. Middle & high school is a critical time when relationships begin to get messy and emotionally challenging. Developing spiritual strength now will influence critical choices in the future.