Gateway Missionaries

Gateway Church is dedicated to prayerfully and financially supporting missionaries who call Gateway their church home and whose ministry focus aligns with Gateway’s Mission: to help unchurched people become a unified community of growing Christ-followers.

Missionary Requirements & Criteria


The Applicant must have attended Gateway for a minimum of two years and have been Publicly Commissioned.

  • If they currently live in Austin they must regularly attend Inspire Services and actively be engaged in serving & growing at Gateway.


The Applicant must provide three character references that will speak to their spiritual maturity and their calling/commitment to the mission field.

  • One of these references must be a Gateway staff member or a ministry supervisor.
  • The remaining two references may not be family.


The Applicant must have a ministry focus that aligns with Gateways Mission.

  • The form of the ministry may look different than Gateway, but the function of the organization and the ministry focus of the applicant must align with Gateway’s mission.
  • Evangelism, discipleship, and the connecting of people into a local christ-centered community must occur.


The Applicant must be going to the mission field with an established sending agency, and this agency must align with Gateway’s Global Values.

  • The sending agency must be a Christian organization with 501(c)(3) status.
  • The sending agency must have values and beliefs that align with Gateway Church.
  • The sending agency must have an established process for receiving and vetting new staff members- the applicant must have to apply and be accepted.
  • The applicant must have a direct supervisor who gives or will be giving guidance & feedback. This supervisor should be responsible for assessing the effectiveness of the individual.
  • The agency must provide sufficient training and on-going development for the applicant and must be able to show how this occurs.


The Applicant must apply during the designated support review period.

  • This review period occurs in July of each year.
  • Applications received after the review period will be considered, however, they will not be given first priority.


The Applicant will be required to complete a brief Year-End Report.

  • This review will be used to assess the applicants effectiveness in the field and will allow for applicants to request continual support for the next fiscal year.

Missionary Support Information

    • Missionary Support is taken from a fixed budget, which is determined prior to the ministry year and the support review period.
    • Monthly support amounts will vary for each applicant. However 50% of the fixed budget is designated for local (North American) missionaries, and 50% is designated for global missionaries.
    • Support will be distributed for one fiscal year (September – August) and applicants will need to request continued support for the next fiscal year using the Year-End Report as support received one year does not guarantee that support will be received in subsequent years.
    • Financial support will be remitted to the applicant only when they have received 50% of their total support goal in pledges. Please note that applicants support goals will be compared to the national average income determined by their family size and their area of residence.
    • Missionary Support is intended to provide financial support for individuals, not organizations. Support received should be designated to the applicant’s personal fund and not the operating budget of their organization. If you are seeking support for an organization you will need to contact global@gatewaychurch.com for information on becoming a Global Partner.
    • To apply for missionary support please email global@gatewaychurch.com.