Men's Outdoor Network

Did you know we as men share and learn best standing shoulder to shoulder? To stand shoulder-to-shoulder with someone means to unite together to achieve a common goal. This has led to the creation of a Men’s Outdoor Network at Gateway. Once a month we will find a new place to explore whether that be by hiking, paddle-boarding, kayaking, or biking. Join other Gateway men in the adventure!

Business Network

Whether you work for a large company, a start-up, non-profit, or are self-employed, you’ll walk away inspired and challenged as you hear from people just like you who are trying to navigate the challenges we face each day. We will connect and communicate through our recently launched LinkedIn Group. Come and join us and stay connected!


Anchor Network

It’s funny how we gather in the same building every week, and yet we don’t know most of the people sitting right next to us! The 20s/30s Network is intended to bring together the young adults of Gateway North and the surrounding Austin area to foster deeper friendships.


We meet every Wednesday night, and this group is not restricted to Gateway members only. Please invite your friends and anyone who is interested in making new friends – no matter where they are on their journey. And if they get to know Jesus a little more along the way, how great!

40s & 50s Network

It shouldn’t be hard to find your people. We’re a community of single, dating, engaged, and married people in our 40’s-50’s and our only agenda is to connect with each other, grow in relationship with God, and have FUN! We believe in living life the way God calls us to – in community. You’ll find great people who love God and want to build healthy relationships with others in their life stage. All you have to do is show up and be real!

Feed the Community Food Pantry

Help provide love, support and organization to a diverse culture at Gateways food pantry by helping at least one hour each week. Assistance needed in administration, filling grocery bags, or simply listening and offering prayer.

Grow Together Garden

Help provide produce for the Gateway food pantry and learn organic gardening in the process. Join us every Saturday at the back of the North Austin Campus parking lot from 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM. No signups needed – just show up and we will put you to work!

Mom's Network

Motherhood is both absolutely wonderful and incredibly exhausting! Whether you’re in the sleep-deprived infant stage or have a high schooler who’s too cool for you, you are welcome here. Our Gateway Mom’s Network has monthly meet-ups so you don’t have to do this thing alone.

Women's Network

Bringing life and freedom to women as we connect, serve, and grow with each other.

Women's Hiking Network

Our mission is to create a space for women to build community while challenging their heart, body, and souls through God’s majesty.

Avery Ranch Network

Bringing life and freedom to our neighbors as we connect, serve, and grow with each other.

Deaf Network

Bringing life and freedom to the deaf community as we connect, serve, and grow with each other.