What about Christians?

Aren't all Christians Judgmental Hypocrites?

Why Austin Doesn’t Believe (Audio)
Hear Ted Beasley discuss the negative impression Christians sometimes leave on others.
by Ted Beasley, 5/3/09

Why Does the Church so Often Hurt People?

Burned By Church
Hear John, Rick, and Ted all tackle head-on issues of hypocrisy, exclusivism, and narrow-mindedness within the Church.


Preachers, Meth, and Prostitutes (Video)
by Rick Shurtz, 9/12/10


Club Jesus (Audio)
by John Burke, 9/17/10


Check Your Brain at the Door (Video)
by Ted Beasley, 9/26/10

Doesn't the Church Hate Gay People?

Let’SEXpress – Same Sex
John Burke takes on the extremely controversial topic of same sex relationships and how they affect us all as Christians.
by John Burke, 8/30/09