Today, over 70 million people have been forced to leave their homes. Each day that number grows by 44,000. These displaced peoples are called refugees and asylees. Families are fleeing for their lives praying for safety and refuge. At Gateway our desire is to bring the hope and freedom found in Jesus to each of these families as they settle in the Austin area. We believe that God has ultimately determined the times and places of where people live so that they would seek Him and find Him. Would you join us as we seek to make this a reality?


If you are interested in volunteering, praying, or financially supporting please email refugees@gatewaychurch.com.

Ways You Can Help:

Deliver Prepared Food


We are pleased to say that Southside BBQ is once again donating its leftover food to those in need! But we need volunteers to help transport the food to various locations. We are continuing to donate the food to Casa Marinella; however, we added THREE more drop-off locations. The drop-off locations will alternate daily. Please pay special attention as to where to drop off the food (each night’s delivery will only be to ONE location).



Donate Items

Many refugees and asylum seekers come to our country with almost nothing. Any items that we receive are able to be given directly to families in need.

Items Most in Need:

Furniture, bedding, mattresses, pillows, blankets, towels, kitchen utensils and plates, pots and pans, tables and chairs, couches, coffee tables, toys for kids, easy reading level books, arts and crafts, baby supplies, toiletries, feminine hygiene products, adult bicycles for transportation, used vehicles 


Delivery Drivers

We are regularly in need of drivers with trucks willing to load and deliver items to families in need. Scheduling will be coordinated for you and someone will accompany you to provide introductions and language assistance if you are going to meet a family.


Write Welcome Cards to New Families

Families that just arrive often feel a sense of loneliness and hopelessness. Welcome cards with a picture of your family allow them to feel a sense of belonging and care as they enter into a strange new place.


Organize and Sort Inventory

Our current storage unit needs to be organized and inventoried. Once the site is organized, regular inventory, review, and maintenance of storage will be appreciated and make the assistance process faster and more efficient.



Opportunities to pray for families to pray both at home or to go to families’ houses to pray with them.


Financial Support

Groceries (Gift Cards): $75 per family per month

-Asylee Application Fee: $50 per person

-Asylee Work Permit Application: $425 Per Person

-Bus Passes: $40