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WOMEN'S GATHERING :: December Event

As Gateway North Women’s Network we are continuing with our theme of Women in an Upside Down World, which seems all the more appropriate at a time like this when our whole lives have literally been turned upside down.

In December our Gathering will be a combination of a celebration of the season, completion of our series through the Gospels, and will have a serve component. We will have some teaching from the book of John (the last Gospel). We will look at Jesus and the connection, meaning, and hope He brings.

This event will be offered IN PERSON or ONLINE. Registration will be live November 16th (MONDAY). We hope you will join us celebrating the ending of a crazy year!

When: DECEMBER 1st 7:00-9:00pm

Where: Gateway Garage or Online
Who: You and your friends
What: Celebration, Serve, Teaching, Worship
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*** For those of you still reading through LUKE with us, look for an email this next week with details about a time to meet up and discuss all we’ve been reading and discovering. ***

Women's Groups

Mature in Community / Deepen with Jesus / Develop Others on Purpose

Nobody stumbles into spiritual maturity. It’s the fruit of God’s work, our choices, and trusted community. Life Groups are communities committed to intentionally pursue spiritual maturity and a deepening relationship with Jesus to better know and make Him known. Life Groups are not for the spiritually elite; it doesn’t matter how much or how little of the Bible you know. Life Groups are a two-year journey for anyone who chooses to do the work that growing and maturing require in learning the way of trusting and obeying Jesus for a lifetime.



Belong to Community / Encounter Jesus / Live on Purpose

We were made for relationship, both with God and others. Authentic community is essential to developing personally and spiritually. Community Groups are open groups designed to be a place to come and see for yourself and invite others along as well. Community Groups create space to cultivate relationships through meaningful conversation, sharing life together, and exploring what it means to know and follow Jesus.

SIGN UP for a Life Group or Community Group below.


Mom's Network


Motherhood is both absolutely wonderful and incredibly exhausting! Whether you’re in the sleep-deprived infant stage or have a high schooler who’s too cool for you, you are welcome here. Our Gateway Mom’s Network has monthly meet-ups so you don’t have to do this thing alone.

We are currently engaging online with weekly fun and uplifting activities, JOIN US!

Women's Hiking Network

We have a Gateway North Women’s Hiking Network!

This is a group of women at Gateway North that get together monthly for hikes around the Austin Area on Saturday mornings.

YES, we are still going on hikes! We are using social distancing guidelines, but getting out in nature is so good for the soul!

To find out more and get updates about upcoming hikes, Join their  page on Facebook (see below).

Dwell: The practice of being with God

If you aren’t connected with a Life/ Community Group and aren’t sure if you want to take that step, join us for a class called Dwell: The practice of being with God. This is a 3-week class starting October 29th online at 7:30pm. Each night we will connect with God through reading the Bible, Prayer, silence & learning to listen. This is a very practical class that will lead you to experience the God that is able to do more than you could ask or imagine.

If you are interested in signing up email: Haley_Carter@Gatewaychurch.com

Gateway North Women's Network Facebook

Join us on Facebook. We have a page where we post encouragement, events, and where we encourage ladies to connect with each other (start a book club, invite others to a movie/ or go for a walk/etc).