1-to-1 Support

Step 1

Access your Client portal

If this is your first time using 1 to 1, please follow the link below to set up your client portal.

(Currently, all of our first-time appointments are held on Sunday morning from 9:15 am - 10:15 am in our church offices at our North Campus.)

If you are an existing client, please follow the link below to log into your account.

Step 2

Complete Intake Forms

*All of our appointments are being held over zoom until the end of February*

Once you have activated your client portal, you will be able to request an appointment with an available 1-to-1 Coach.

Once your appointment is confirmed your Coach will send you intake forms to fill out in the client portal. Please have these forms completed prior to your first session.

Step 3

Follow Up with Any Questions

We will reach out to you with a specific time and date for your appointment. If we require additional information from you, we will be in contact. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions before your session.

You may have concerns about coaching. We understand.

1 to 1 at Gateway is available to you if you need to speak with a peer coach who has been through training to help you apply your goals, beliefs, and values to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Some of the possible things our coaches can walk with you might be:

  • Addressing spiritual issues
  • Learning to change thought patterns
  • Changing emotional responses to life events (loss of a loved one, Loss of job, broken relationships, etc.)
  • Examining your motivations to make sure they align with your intrinsic values
  • Generating new behavioral patterns
  • Finding peace in difficult situations
  • Learning and practicing communication strategies that work
  • Tackling personal issues to gain insight and increase motivation to make lasting changes in the present
  • Practicing strategies to work through damaged personal and professional relationships

Our coaches are not professional counselors, so please know that you are looking for counseling please follow the link on the Heal Page offering Counseling Resources. https://www.gatewaychurch.com/restore/

How many times can I meet with a coach?

We offer between one and five appointments with a coach as you work toward achieving your goals. Following your first appointment, you will discuss with your coach if additional appointments are needed.

How long are the appointments?

Our appointments are 50 minutes.

When are appointments held?

Appointments are held on Sunday morning during the Inspire Service.

Where are appointments held?

Appointments are held at our North Campus (off McNeil between Parmer and 183)