Let's launch two campuses and 20 networks!


Love Everyone LXL Pamphlet

Click the image to download the Love Everyone LXL pamphlet with John’s letter to Gateway.

Gateway recently celebrated 20 years! We heard story after story of life change that all started because 38 willing people said yes to creating a church for the unchurched in Austin. And, at each milestone along the way, more and more people stepped up and paid it forward personally and financially so more and more unchurched people would experience life and freedom in Jesus. Over 55,000 people are moving to Austin every year. We are experiencing a diversification of race, socioeconomic status, spiritual backgrounds, and life circumstances. Our vision is to eventually start campuses all over Central Texas to support our efforts to reach these neighbors, our neighbors, life by life.

As we come to the end of 2018, we are asking you and everyone at Gateway to take the next step toward making this vision happen and financially help us reach a new milestone—help us start two new campuses and 20 new networks across all campuses. The new campuses in Buda/Kyle and Pflugerville will create places in greater Austin for people to explore faith, ask spiritual questions, and begin to connect in community with us. Each new network will mobilize all of our campuses to serve children, students, those in recovery, refugees, different neighborhoods, workplaces, and more. We can make this happen if each person at Gateway would take the 1% challenge, by giving 1% more of your income over the next year. Together, we can do this!

To join in …


  1. Continue your regular giving to the campus you attend.
  2. Calculate what 1% of your income would be.
  3. Make the pledge.
  4. Make your first 1% challenge gift by selecting Love Everyone LXL in the dropdown menu on our giving page.

To help clarify, the extra 1% of your income that you list in the Love Everyone LXL pledge is above and beyond what you normally give to the campus you attend. For example, if you gave 10% last year to the campus you attend, continue giving at least 10% again this coming year. Your 1% challenge would make the total you give to 11%. On the Love Everyone LXL pledge page, you will pledge your 1% extra. This page is only a pledge. To contribute toward your pledge, you will also need to go to our giving page (this is where you normally go to make an online contribution to your campus, so please continue your normal contribution). For the pledge of 1% more, you will need to select Love Everyone LXL in the dropdown menu. You can donate your pledge in one sum or spread it out in monthly contributions.
You will receive a confirmation email letting you know we received your pledge and link to make your first gift.

What will it take?



This total represents what we have budgeted and planned for staff and equipment to launch 2 mobile campuses in Buda/Kyle and Pflugerville and 20 networks across all campuses.

Why Commit?

Your commitment at year end will determine if we can move forward in 2019 launching 20 networks and two new campuses. Let us know by December 31st what you plan to give above your regular giving at year end and over the course of 2019, so we can boldly move forward in the first quarter of the year to bring life and freedom to Greater Austin.

Also remember, 10% of every dollar given will continue to support our local and global compassion initiatives.