PART OF WHAT GOD ASKS US TO DO FOR HIS PURPOSES AND OUR GOOD IS TO SERVE ONE ANOTHER.  Gateway is a place to discover and use our gifts to serve and meet needs. We offer opportunities to serve others at Gateway with our Campus Serve Networks, to serve those in need in our city through our City Serve Networks and our Global partners through Global Serve and our Go teams.

Campus serve

It takes hundreds of people to create a Gateway experience every week. God created his church to work together, everyone using their gifts, to serve one another. There are opportunities to use your time and energy to care for kids and students, produce services, welcome guests, lead small groups, serve coffee or lemonade, build stage sets… the list goes on and on. Honestly, we can’t “do church” without the church and we can’t become who God intends us to be with out finding your place in His body.

City Serve

Gateway serves hundreds of people every month in our Austin community through our tutoring partnerships,  our own Feed the Community program, our community garden called Grow Together, as well as small groups who care for their neighbors and individuals who serve those in their circle of influence.

Global Serve

Our commitment to meet physical and spiritual needs extends to our global community.  We currently have global partners that we’ve chosen through their impact on some of the most poverty-stricken places in the world. We  partner through financial resources, as well as by sending teams several times through out the year. Our current partners are located in India, Haiti, Greece and Burundi.