Community Group

Belong to Community / Encounter Jesus / Live on Purpose

We were made for relationship, both with God and others. Authentic community is essential to developing personally and spiritually. Community Groups are open groups designed to be a place to come and see for yourself and invite others along as well. Community Groups create space to cultivate relationships through meaningful conversation, sharing life together, and exploring what it means to know and follow Jesus.

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Life Groups

Mature in Community / Deepen with Jesus / Develop Others on Purpose

Nobody stumbles into spiritual maturity. It’s the fruit of God’s work, our choices, and trusted community. Life Groups are communities committed to intentionally pursue spiritual maturity and a deepening relationship with Jesus to better know and make Him known. Life Groups are not for the spiritually elite; it doesn’t matter how much or how little of the Bible you know. Life Groups are a two-year journey for anyone who chooses to do the work that growing and maturing require in learning the way of trusting and obeying Jesus for a lifetime.

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Alpha explores the basics of the Christian faith, looking at different questions of belief, and is designed to create conversation. Everyone is welcome, but Alpha is designed primarily for those who would not call themselves Christians. It’s an open, informal, and honest space to explore and discuss life’s big questions together.

This upcoming Alpha will be an All Gateway Online Alpha. Please register below.

Running Partners

The purpose of Spiritual Running Partners is to provide the encouragement, pacing, and motivation we all need to grow in our relationship with Christ. Commit to meeting regularly (suggested at least 2x a month) to share honestly what is going on in your life (where you are struggling, being challenged, celebrating) and commit to praying for each other and encouraging each other on in faith.


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