Impact Sunday

May 26, 2024
  1. What is one story of positive impact that you have heard or witnessed that has stuck with you and why? 
  2. Read Paul’s prayer for the Colossian church in Colossians 1:3-14. When it comes to God’s Kingdom coming on earth (where God’s rule is realized and His will is done), what is your participation level? Are you watching from the sidelines as others are “bearing fruit in every good work” or are you experiencing the fruit firsthand? If you tend to relegate yourself to the sidelines, thinking that God uses others, but not you, why is that? 
  3. We don’t have to wait for our circumstances to change before we can discover and partner with God’s Spirit right where we are. Three simple ways we can do this is through prayer, giving and serving. 
    • Pray: Read Luke 10:2
      1. What role does prayer play in people hearing and responding to the gospel? 
      2. Do you pray for the harvest and for more people to share the good news of God’s Kingdom with others? Why or why not? 
    • Give: Read Romans 10:14-15 which is in the context of Paul’s plea to the Roman church to participate in the funding of God’s mission to spread the gospel where it had not yet been heard. Giving is not limited to finances, but includes our labor, influence, and expertise as well.
      1. What is your participation level when it comes to giving? In what ways are you a generous giver and in what ways are you close handed? 
    • Serve: Read Ephesians 2:10. We are made to do good works that reflect Jesus to the world in the way we love God and others.
      1. What does serving God look like for you right now? 
      2. Is there something God is calling you to do that you are putting off for the right circumstances to arise, meaning, “I’ll obey God in this when…”?
  4. Which of these three areas need the most focus in your life right now? How can your community come alongside you to follow-through on it? 


  • Colossians 1:3-14
  • Luke 10:2
  • Romans 10:14-15
  • Ephesians 2:10


Prayer is mysterious and yet, so powerful. God is in complete control and has a plan, and yet, He has made it so that His plan moves through our prayers. Our prayers move Him! God calls us to depend on Him to raise people, finances, technologies, and tools that are useful for His mission.

Let’s hear and obey Jesus’ words to “pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest,” trusting that it is God’s delight to abundantly respond to this request! Spend time as a group, praying for God to do this in our midst and in our world.  

How are you going to put into practice what you learned today? Now that you’ve discovered which of the three practices (prayer, giving, service) need the most focus right now, what is one thing you can start doing to grow in this area and who in your life will help you follow through?

Digging Deeper – Kids

Hey, families! Here’s a look at what we’re covering with your kids so you can help them continue to grow at home during the week.


This week, we learned that the disciples found themselves in the middle of a storm while they were at sea, and help came for them in the most unusual way.

“All the people were amazed. They praised God and said, “We have never seen anything like this!” Mark 2:12


Walking on water is a physical impossibility, as we know. Of course, Jesus is master of the impossible, and the story of His encounter with the disciples on the lake is an exciting story. There’s more to it than that, though. This story also shows us the importance of putting our faith in Jesus. Peter tried to do the impossible, and on his own he failed. This story reminds us that we are capable of anything but only through God’s power.

THE BIG IDEA: God still works miracles today!


Because sometimes you and your kid need a conversation that isn’t just,

“So . . . how was church?”

  • Why did Peter begin to sink?
  • How can we develop a strong faith in Jesus?


Peter was courageous when he stepped out of the boat. He got to be a part of an amazing miracle and got to experience the power of Jesus in an awesome way. He started to sink when he looked at the wind and the waves instead of Jesus. Sometimes, God wants us to do things that take courage so we can see His power and let Him help us. He might ask us to be nice to someone we don’t know or pray for someone. When we do what God wants us to do, we might see amazing things because God is all-powerful, and He can do the impossible.


Next week we start a brand new series!