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The Dream King

November 3, 2020

In a time when racial division and political tension, guest speakers Will Ford and Matt Lockett will share an inspiring story of God’s work in their lives and friendship that…

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Practice Makes Purpose

October 26, 2020

You’ve heard that practice makes perfect, but what about purpose? What is God’s plan for us? This week, we’ll be exploring how to incorporate regular spiritual practices into our lives…

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Ready or Not

October 11, 2020

Ever experience the release that comes from patching up a relationship or work situation after making a big mistake? It’s like a huge weight has been removed. The problem comes…

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Following Into Love

January 17, 2021

We long for these things, but are we looking for them in healthy ways? The self-help industry may share practical tips, but too often the results are short-lived and superficial….

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Fearless and Vulnerable

October 5, 2020

When taking an inventory of our life’s realities, we must dig into the past to create a path forward. Getting honest with the impact we’ve had on others and the…

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Letting Go

September 27, 2020

Life can sometimes feel like you are swimming upstream in a river capped with white waves. You come to realize that you can’t manage it. That realization is key. What…

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Waking Up

September 20, 2020

Have you ever asked God for something and felt that he didn’t respond? Maybe He did, but your view of Him kept you from understanding His answer. Could a misconception…

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The Unmanageable Life

September 13, 2020

Living right is hard work. In fact, it’s impossible. The more honest among us are open about our struggles with things that always seem to knock us down. The rest…

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Across the Aisle

September 6, 2020

Are you already tired of this election season? The social media arguments, news coverage, family bickering, and lawn signs are constant reminders of our starkly divided communities. As a follower…

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Politicked Off

August 30, 2020

Think back to the last time someone brought up politics during a family dinner. How did that go? As we talk politics with our friends and family, feelings get hurt…

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See Your World

August 23, 2020

Learning how to be self-aware is not easy, but it can make a difference in all areas of your life. This week, we’ll be investigating what makes a great employee,…

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See Your Household

August 16, 2020

How can we learn to receive positive feedback from those who know us best—our spouse, roommate, and family? How can we become more self-aware, even when their feedback can be…

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