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Relationally Deflating Self-Talk

February 15, 2021

Our relationships can be negatively affected by our thoughts, especially when we are experiencing a lot of guilt and shame. John Burke interviews Dr. Chris Thurman, a counselor and author…

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Personally Defeating Self-Talk

February 7, 2021

Mental and emotional health can be fragile in these challenging days. Winning in life requires learning to overcome personally defeating thoughts. Carlos Ortiz interviews the most accurate kicker in NFL…

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One Love Forever

January 31, 2021

God offers us unconditional love, peace, and joy. Too often we settle for glimpses of these good gifts. We can experience the fullness of God’s transforming love on this side…

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Desire and The Dark Night of the Soul

January 24, 2021

Too often we settle for American Churchianity, a religious version of consumerism. God is inviting us into something deeper and better. Rarely talked about in modern churches, suffering can be…

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Following Into Love

January 17, 2021

We long for these things, but are we looking for them in healthy ways? The self-help industry may share practical tips, but too often the results are short-lived and superficial….

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Beginnings and Failures

January 11, 2021

A new year gives us a fresh start to find ourselves by connecting with the One who created us and connecting with others in a meaningful way. When we are…

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Time to Thrive

January 4, 2021

Our emotions, finances, political views, social views, education, children, marriages, life groups, it all was on the table in 2020. BUT…we also recognize that God is truly at work through…

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Becoming a Centered Person

January 4, 2021

Often times when a new year comes we place God or faith or church as a New Year’s resolution. But what if what He desires is so much more than…

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God Relates To Us

December 25, 2020

The Christmas story brings peace, love, and joy to each of us who have an open heart and open mind. The story of Christmas is about the birth of a…

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God Sees Us

December 22, 2020

God is the God of all people, and what He was doing that first Christmas was for all people. He did not come to the mighty, the powerful, or the…

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God Confuses Us

December 13, 2020

How do we respond to God when He does things that confuse us? Let’s be honest, God’s ways are mysterious, but we can discover how to discern what God is…

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Relationships Last Forever

May 10, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandmas, and single dads raising kids alone — we see you! The relationships you have with your children and those around you are…

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