Why Should I Read the Bible?

Essential Elements

This series explores essentials of the Christian faith, discussing topics of the Bible, the Trinity, Humanity, and Grace.


The Bible (Video)

John Burke, 3/27/11

Why Should I Read the Bible?

This 4-part series offers compelling reasons for reading the Bible as a powerful change agent in your life.


That’s Just Hard to Believe (Audio)
John Burke, 5 /15/05


One of a Kind (Audio)
Ted Beasley, 5/22/05


Fingerprints (Audio)
John Burke, 5/29/05


Reading It Reading You (Audio)
John Burke, 6/5/11

Is the Bible historically accurate?

How Do You Know
John Burke shares concrete thoughts on the historical accuracy of the Bible.


…the Bible Isn’t Just Propaganda? (Video)

John Burke, 5/20/12

How Reliable is the Bible?


by Judson Polling
Tough Questions series

This study guides groups to consider together the accuracy and historicity of the Bible.