Questions about God?

Does God Exist?

How Does Anyone Know God Exists? (Book)
by Gary Poole
This workbook study is designed to help groups consider the existence of God together.

What is God Like?

How Big is Your God? (Video)

John discusses what the beauty we find in the world around us reveals to us about who God is. What Beauty Reveals, John Burke, 2/12/12


Big Questions
Hear Rick and Ted discuss big questions about who God is and how he wants us to live.


Big Questions (Video)
Is God a Pacifist?, Rick Shurtz, 7/10/11


Big Questions (Video)
Is There an Unforgivable Sin?, Rick Shurtz, 7/17/11


Big Questions (Video)
Should We Be Green?, Ted Beasley, 7/24/11

What is the Trinity?

Essential Elements (Audio)
Rick explores the meaning behind the theological mystery of the Trinity. The Trinity, Rick Shurtz, 4/3/11