Questions about Jesus?

Who is Jesus?

In this series, Ted and John explore the historical figure of Jesus – who he claimed to be, what he did while he was on the earth, what he taught, and much more.


Who is Jesus? – What did he claim? (video)
by John Burke


Who is Jesus? – What did he do? (video)
By John Burke


Who is Jesus? – What did he teach? (video)
by Ted Beasley


The Case for Christ

The Case for Christ (Book)
by Lee Strobel
In this book, Lee Strobel uses his personal experience as a seasoned journalist to explore the question – Is there credible evidence that Jesus of Nazareth really is the son of God?

What does the Old Testament say about Jesus?

Thread of Hope: Prophecies of the Messiah
This 4-part series discusses Old Testament prophecies that point to Jesus as the Savior of the world.


The God of History (Audio)

John Burke, 3/15/09


At Just the Right Time (Audio)

John Burke, 3/22/09


The Suffering Servant (Audio)

John Burke, 3/29/09


The Great Exchange (Audio)

John Burke, 4/05/09

What difference does Jesus make?

What Difference Does Jesus Make? (Book)
Tough Questions series

by Gary Poole

This study guides groups to consider together who Jesus is and what difference he makes in our world.