Embracing Our Purpose in God’s Kingdom

Impact is something we all cherish, whether it’s stories of transformation, impressive statistics, or powerful visuals. Yet, despite our admiration for impactful stories and our desire for lives filled with meaning and purpose, many of us remain on the sidelines, watching opportunities for impact pass us by. It’s crucial to understand that making a difference in God’s Kingdom isn’t reserved for so-called “professionals.” Impact is for everyone. Impact is for you.

New Friends and New Expectations

Last month, in a GO! Team trip overseas, we met a Muslim man who works in the oil and gas industry all around the Middle East. The encounter began with a misunderstanding—he kept talking about our “freedom” as Americans. To him, freedom meant indulging in nightlife and belly dancing. After clarifying our intentions, we engaged in a deep conversation about life in America and the pervasive culture of excess and gratification.

His perception of America involved widespread indulgence in sex, pornography, alcohol, drugs, and lavish spending. This lifestyle, though appealing to him, mirrored much of his own reality—wealth spent on fleeting pleasures amidst widespread poverty. When he asked if our lives mirrored this image, we shared that some people do live this way, it often leads to feeling empty and purposeless.

He was astonished when we explained how embracing Jesus brings purpose, hope, joy, and peace into our lives—concepts foreign to him. His fear of death and recognition that something was missing in his life resonated deeply with our shared human longing for more than what the world offers.

Recognizing Our Longing for More

Our society is filled with substitutes for true fulfillment—affairs, pornography, gambling, addiction—all symptoms of a deeper longing for something more. Just like Adil, many of us sense that something is off. The truth is, we are longing for Jesus. Our hearts desire the one who created us and can provide genuine purpose. It’s like being stranded at sea, drinking saltwater to quench our thirst, while fresh water is within reach.

Impact Sunday is a reminder that we are not meant to be mere spectators. Jesus is building His Kingdom, inviting us to join Him in this grand mission. In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus commissions His disciples to spread His teachings and make disciples of all nations, promising to be with them always. This command extends to us today, calling us to participate in His Kingdom work.

Three Ways to Participate

  1. Pray – Prayer is a powerful tool in the Kingdom of God. We see its importance in Luke 10:2, where Jesus instructs His followers to pray for more laborers for the plentiful harvest. Prayer aligns us with God’s will and mobilizes resources for His mission. Our local and global partners, like Jana and Kenno Leier in Finland, rely on our prayers to support their work. By committing to pray for our missionaries and partners, we become active participants in God’s plan.
  2. Give – Giving goes beyond financial contributions; it’s about embodying a heart of generosity. Romans 10:14-15 highlights the necessity of sending workers to preach the gospel. Our generosity in labor, influence, finances, and expertise supports this mission. Stories like the Mizo people in Northeast India, who practice “a handful of rice” to support their church, exemplify how small acts of generosity can lead to significant impact. By giving, we join in God’s resource distribution, enabling His work to flourish.
  3. Serve – Each of us is uniquely crafted by God for good works (Ephesians 2:10). Serving allows us to utilize our gifts and talents for His purposes. Whether it’s within our church, local community, or globally, serving brings us closer to God’s plan for our lives. Events like “Church Has Left the Building” provide opportunities to serve and make a tangible difference. Embracing our role as God’s handiwork means stepping off the sidelines and engaging in the good works He has prepared for us.

Embracing the Invitation

Reflecting on our conversation with the Middle Eastern man, we see a parallel to many of our own lives. Feelings of emptiness, hopelessness, and purposelessness are common. The invitation to a transformed life through Jesus is available to us all. God, in His love, sent Jesus to take our place and offer us freedom. By saying yes to this invitation, we can experience true purpose and joy.

Today, consider how you can say yes to this call. Whether it’s committing to pray, give, or serve, each step brings us closer to realizing God’s Kingdom on earth. Let’s embrace this journey together, stepping into the impactful lives God has destined for us.

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Speaker: Austin Gillis