Letter from God

In light of what scripture says about how God views you, ask God the following questions, listen to what He says & write a letter to yourself from God by writing how He responds to each of these questions

Trust Christ

Start Here – Have you made a decision to make Jesus the Leader of your Life, to Trust Him with your today, tomorrow, and eternity? Do you continue to trust Him on a daily basis? In this study, we explore what the Bible says about Trusting Christ. We’ll explore the truths that Jesus is the Son of God and that His death and resurrection secures forgiveness of sin and reconciliation with God.

The Sacred Pathways Assessment

How do you relate to God? Take this assessment and find out which of the nine Spiritual Pathways best describes you.

Relate to God

Love God – In this study, our goal is to intentionally cultivate a relationship with God by humbly walking through life with Him, talking and listening to Him, and seeking to personally know Him through Scripture.

Trust God

Love God – In this study, we learn to trust God and not idols (e.g., money, relationships, career) as the source of one’s security, joy, and purpose.

Obey God

Love God – In this study, we learn to joyfully live and abide by what God says is best.

Sacred Pathways Assessment

Take the assessment. Then, plan three activities or excursions to worship God – something familiar, something from your past, and something totally new.

The Man the King Delights to Honor

Tim Keller sermons via Gospel in Life: Haman, who plots to kill the Jews exiled in Persia, exemplifies pride and its downfalls.

The Missing Key

Staying Dead

If we’re dead to sin, if sin isn’t our master, how do we live that out? Living as a slave to sin takes no initiative on our part. What does it look like to live without sin as master over our mouths, our eyes, our minds, our insecurities, our appetites?

Worship God

Love God – In this study, we learn to honor, revere, and adore God above everything else and to live our lives devoted to his praise and glory.

Life Apps: The Confession App

At some point in time, confession became a private practice used to relieve your conscience. But that’s not the way confession is presented in the Bible. In this message, Andy presents the biblical view of confession and challenges us to confess to others – not just to God.