Many of us assume that as we grow up physically and intellectually, spiritual and emotional growth comes along automatically, too. This is not the case. If we take a hard look at our emotional and spiritual maturity, would we really say that it’s in a healthy place? Emotionally healthy spirituality is something God wants for us all, but it takes understanding our true selves and working through the pain of the past to get there. Are you ready to embrace who God says you are in order to grow yourself and your relationships?

Plays Well with Others

January 29, 2017 Ted Beasley

Most of us desire to live with more joy. However, one important barrier that often gets in our way is immaturity in the ways we relate to others. Are there relationships in your life that need mending? Do you have people with whom you long to go deeper? Perhaps the key to improving your relationships is to understand what God says emotionally and spiritually healthy relationships really look like.

No Pain No Gain

January 22, 2017 John Burke

Although God promises us many things that are positive, if we follow Him, He also tells us that we will all experience suffering (John 16:33). Though the degree and form of the trials we experience vary from person to person, no one leads a perfectly easy life. While we all experience hardship, we react to it differently, depending on our perspective on it. Will your suffering take from you, or will you take from it, seizing the opportunity to strengthen and grow?

Growing Past Your Past

January 15, 2017 John Burke

People have an immense power to shape one another in profound ways, including spiritually and emotionally. God made us that way. Growing up, our families shaped us for better or worse (actually, for both). While our family of origin may have passed along good ways of doing life, what do we do with the broken ways?

Growing Up to Be Your True Self

January 8, 2017 John Burke

Growing up physically and intellectually do not guarantee we will grow at the same pace (if at all) emotionally and spiritually. Charting a path of growth towards becoming our true selves requires that we take an honest look in the mirror. Are you ready?