Christmas Around the World

December 4, 2022- December 25, 2022

As we dive into this Christmas season we wanted to give a different vantage point on the impact of Jesus’ coming 2000 years ago. Often times we only focus on the birth of Jesus, and we forget this was God’s plan all along. Jesus wasn’t plan b, He was always Plan A to come and rescue us. It’s a story God was weaving from before time began. And the story He was and is weaving wasn’t for a select few, it was for the WHOLE WORLD. Over this series we will take a look at how Christmas brought something new into humanity and how its beauty is celebrated differently across nations, ethnicities, and languages.

Spam Likely

Week #2 April 23, 2023 Carlos Ortiz

Whether or not you believe in prayer and whether or not you feel like you know how to pray, during this series, you will discover the power of and the path to connecting with God which can bring comfort, hope, and healing.

Gift to the World

Week #4 December 24, 2022 John Burke

Giving and receiving gifts is almost universal. Usually, when we get a gift, we are receiving something we did not pay for and did nothing to earn. It’s given to us out of love. Jesus was the ultimate embodiment of this. He bridged the gap between us and God and gave us the gift of life.

Family Around the World

Week #2 December 11, 2022 John Burke

Christmas is best celebrated when we are surrounded by the ones we love. Through Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection, we are invited into the family of God. That means we are chosen. That means we belong!

Light of the World

Week #1 December 4, 2022 Carlos Ortiz

No matter where Christmas is celebrated in the world, lights are an essential element. Whether it’s hanging them on your house the day after Thanksgiving, lighting candles on December 24, or decorating streets with luminaries, Christmas is the embodiment of God bringing light into the darkness.