Epic Fail?

We all blow it and feel like we’ve failed, sometimes in epic ways, but how does God see our failures? Can God redeem them? What’s the collateral damage? How can we allow God to turn our failures into a success story?

Financial Failure

November 20, 2016 John Burke

One of our top fears, according to Gallup and other polls, is losing everything. Most of us are wealthier than 6 billion people and yet it’s never enough. We still fear and don’t feel rich when in fact we are. Why is it never enough? It’s ironic. We fear God wants to take from us, when in fact God wants to make us rich — truly rich. But what is truly rich?

Marriage Failure

November 13, 2016 John Burke

Whether single, married, divorced or somewhere in between, we likely all have strong feelings about the idea of marriage. What is God’s perspective? How do we find hope a midst our relational challenges and failures?

Moral Failure

November 6, 2016 Robb Overholt

There’s a reason the saying, “To err is human,” exists — we all make mistakes. However, there’s a big difference between letting mistakes become a pattern versus allowing God to turn those mistakes into lessons from which we can heal and grow. So what perspective can we gain about the times we’ve had moral failures?

Career Failure

October 30, 2016 John Burke

Failure goes with the territory of being human, and the workplace is a hard place to fail because it’s so easy to allow our work, our title or our role in some other arena of life to define who we are. Can God really turn the epic fails of our careers into something that can bring Him glory, and even bless us and others through them?