Everyone Has Influence

Each of us is given a measure of influence to build each other up, to serve one another, and to help the people around us become the best version of themselves. Have you taken the time to explore how your personal leadership can make a real difference? What will you choose to do with the influence God has given to you?

A Mother’s Influence

May 13, 2018 Katie Olson

In a time filled with celebrities and many negative voices affecting the world through their money, opinions, and inventions, it can seem like our sphere of influence is extremely small. But mothers and those that fill mother-like roles are raising the next generation that could have important effects on issues like racism, poverty, education, and the like. Whatever your sphere of influence, are you being intentional in the way you impact the people in your life?

Unlikely Leaders

May 6, 2018 Justin McCarty

Leadership resources abound and so do leadership clichés. We’ve all been told that, whatever our role or title, we have opportunities to lead (demonstrate influence) where we are. But often our circumstances, including our bosses, co-workers, and family members, convince us that we have little or nothing to offer. What does God say about our leadership potential?

Influence is a Gift

April 29, 2018 John Burke

Everyone is equipped with the ability to influence others. But we don’t all use our influencing ability for good, and many of us don’t use this ability at all. How will you take responsibility for the gifts God has given you? Will you be a leader or a follower when it matters most?