Get a New God

Is God really who we think He is? Are our concepts of God accurate? No matter what has shaped our perceptions of God, it is important to understand who He really is. How can we explore the true character of God and remove any old, tainted images of Him from our minds in order to live in relationship with the real God?

Forgiving Sin with Justice

March 4, 2018 John Burke

God doesn’t owe us anything. Our God is immeasurably superior to us, yet He so loves us, He doesn’t give us what we deserve when we rebel or do wrong; He offers us grace and mercy. This message of grace is woven throughout the Bible, but sometimes it’s hard for us to believe it applies to us. How do we connect with this God that loves so powerfully and radically?

Slow to Anger, Faithful, and Loving

February 25, 2018 John Burke

When most people think about following Jesus, they think about all the “rules” and perhaps about a God who only wants us if we’re good enough. Whether it’s preachers on the streets, people yelling with signs, or even the whisper in our own minds that God isn’t interested in us or the messes we’ve made, we’re sometimes afraid to trust in a God who may reject us. Are we going to believe what people, our pasts, and our emotions tell us about God, or will we believe what God tells us about Himself in His Word (the Bible)?

God is Compassionate & Gracious

February 18, 2018 John Burke

Oftentimes the picture we have of God is one that has Him condemning us for any mistakes and temptations in our lives. We fear such condemnation, which may lead us to try to hide from God. But the true nature of God is one of compassion and mercy. He loves and understands us, but He also wants what’s best for us. How can embracing the graciousness of God rid us from the heaviness of shame and turn us toward a better version of ourselves?

God Has a Name

February 11, 2018 John Burke

To fire God is not to kick the one true God out of your life; it’s to eliminate the false image of God we all have in our heads. You know the one we mean. Maybe it’s God as a traffic cop, aiming the radar gun at everything you do. Or maybe it’s God as a standoffish stranger, satisfied to leave you alone as long as you just don’t bother Him. How we perceive God determines how we perceive ourselves and how we live our lives. How can we know God’s true character?