God With Us

Peace! Joy! Hope! A New Beginning! Christmas reminds us that in spite of life’s challenges, we can celebrate and experience God With Us. Join us every Sunday and Christmas Eve as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and all the wonder that brings to our lives. Invite your friends, family, coworkers, and anyone you think might need a little extra hope this holiday season.

God Relates To Us

December 24, 2020 John Burke

The Christmas story brings peace, love, and joy to each of us who have an open heart and open mind. The story of Christmas is about the birth of a baby who was so much more than that. God relates to us because He chose to walk among us, and His name was Jesus. Discover how you can connect with God personally and help others do the same.

God Sees Us

December 20, 2020 John Burke

God is the God of all people, and what He was doing that first Christmas was for all people. He did not come to the mighty, the powerful, or the “religiously superior,” but He drew foreigners known as the Magi to come to worship Him and the poor unseen shepherds. Even in the people God chose to include in the celebration of His coming, He showed us His heart and character. God is with Us even when we feel outcast and marginalized. The story of Christmas brings hope for each one of us.

God Confuses Us

December 13, 2020 Carlos Ortiz

How do we respond to God when He does things that confuse us? Let’s be honest, God’s ways are mysterious, but we can discover how to discern what God is doing. The story of Joseph helps us learn how to walk by faith and trust the character of God revealed in the Scriptures when we aren’t sure what is going on in our world.

God Trusts Us

December 6, 2020 John Burke

Mary loved God and was faithful to God. God honored her faithfulness and he also honors our faithfulness. When we are willing to let God lead us into uncomfortable situations, He begins to trust us with more and more. What will you let Him lead you through?