God's Plan

Ever find yourself standing paralyzed, not comprehending how so many things around you seem to be stacked against you? Or, maybe you simply want to run away? This has been a tough year, a catastrophic year for so many. A global pandemic. Racial injustice. A divisive election. What is God’s plan in all of this? How can we trust that He is in control? God’s Plan is a two-week series that bookends this year’s presidential election and hopes to remind us all that God is not surprised by the outcome and still has a plan!

Trust God’s Plan

November 8, 2020 Carlos Ortiz

Whether you’re elated, mourning, or indifferent to where we are as a nation, God does have a plan. First, if you call yourself a Christ-follower, we are children of the King of Kings, the president of the universe! Nothing can stop that plan when we cooperate with Him. Don’t put your hopes in a lesser plan and let’s move forward together!

The Dream King

November 1, 2020 Will Ford and Matt Lockett

In a time when racial division and political tension, guest speakers Will Ford and Matt Lockett will share an inspiring story of God’s work in their lives and friendship that you won’t even believe until you hear it!