Healthy Relationships

April 24, 2022 - May 15, 2022

Our most significant relationships (spouse, significant other, family) are critical to a healthy, happy, well adjusted life. Discover the essential keys to healthy relating with those closest to us as we work on healthy communication, conflict, family dynamics, and spiritual alignment.

Healthy Spiritual Alignment

Week #4 May 15, 2022 John Burke

Spiritual alignment is the bedrock on which all else is built in marriage, partnerships, and friendships.  Spiritual growth in the same direction connects you to the Source of love, and helps you learn to lay down your life for the other, to sacrifice, to serve, even when it’s not “better for you” because you’re doing it to please God.

Healthy Family Dynamics

Week #3 May 8, 2022 Carlos Ortiz

Mothers play a critical role in setting the culture and the dynamics in their families. Every relationship must address the reality that no family is perfect, or the perfect model. Discover how to create healthy family dynamics by considering the dysfunctional examples from our own childhood while creating something new.

Healthy Conflict

Week #2 May 1, 2022 John Burke

Every close relationship has conflict and relational breaks. The difference between healthy, lasting loving relationships and those that don’t last or do well is not how often they have conflict (or relational breaks) it’s how quickly they can repair those breaks and get back to growing their enjoyment of life together.

Healthy Communication

Week #1 April 24, 2022 Carlos Ortiz

Relationships get complicated! Communication is the backbone of any lasting marriage, friendship, or close relationship. Intimacy is all about knowing and being known, but that requires healthy communication.