Home Alone

December 05, 2021 - December 24, 2021

This time of year there are lots of conflicting emotions - the joy that comes with the holidays and the loneliness that can be present too. We are all longing for a sense of family, yet maybe family isn’t quite what it should be. In our series Home Alone, you will discover that you are never alone and a messy family can actually be ok (even as we grow together).

Almost Home

Week #1 December 24, 2021 John Burke

This life never quite feels like home. We can feel it. There is something missing. Jesus came to bring more and more of the Home of God into a world that is going away from God. Jesus' birth announced peace to all people on whom God’s favor rests. As we allow God’s light to shine through us, we let people see a taste of Home.

Messy Family

Week #3 December 19, 2021 Carlos Ortiz

Hurt people hurt people - especially those closest to them. When things are not messy, it usually means we’re not that close. When we get close, we see differences, rub each other wrong, and step on toes. When we push through these difficulties to true acceptance and love of the other that is when we feel really known and loved. As we learn restorative principles in our church family, we can bring healing to our biological families.

God’s Family

Week #2 December 12, 2021 Eric Bryant

Family can be the source of great joy and great pain. When so many of us come from dysfunctional families, we can learn new family dynamics where forgiveness rather than bitterness and kindness rather than cruelty become the way we relate with each other.

Never Alone

Week #1 December 5, 2021 John Burke

All of us feel lonely at times, sometimes even in a crowd or at home with our families. Other times we feel lonely because we’re new to an area, or just don’t feel like anyone really knows us. God sees the lonely, and He cares. God cares about our relationships and helps us experience a community that can be healthy and healing.