How to Get Killed in 6 Days

It’s hard for some to believe that Jesus dying on the cross was the plan all along. Why didn’t he overthrow the Romans and set up a new government? Why didn’t he resist? Even now, Jesus doesn’t always fit into our limited expectations. But what does Jesus’ sacrifice mean for us? Perhaps to gain all that Jesus intended, we must learn how to die too—die to our selfishness, our pride, and our skewed priorities. Could it be that killing such things in our lives is the key to a truly abundant life?

Part III

April 9, 2017 Eric Bryant

Dying to self can be a difficult and daunting undertaking, but it’s what God calls us to do daily in order to experience true life and freedom. This even goes for our expectations of God. Many of us believe God is good, as long as He gives us the answers we think He should. But it’s important to remember that God, our creator, knows best, and just as Jesus had to die on the cross, an unexpected turn of events for those present during that time, we must die to self and kill false expectations of God in our life to walk in the freedom He promises. What expectations of God might you need to die to today?

Part II

April 2, 2017 John Burke

There’s no denying the impact that social media has had on life in the 21st Century. Although there are certainly positive aspects of social media, our love for these platforms is a strong indication of the struggle most of us experience with people-pleasing. We care a lot about what other people think, but God tells us that people-pleasing is a distraction from a life that serves Him. Are you more concerned about pleasing God or pleasing people?

Part I

March 26, 2017 John Burke

What really motivates you in life? What motivates your behavior? Is it money? Power? Perhaps accolades and approval from others? Many of us claim to have good intentions and motivations, but so did Judas, a disciple of Jesus chosen by the Messiah Himself to help in His ministry. Yet Judas was unwilling to admit that what he really worshipped was money, so his greed kept him from experiencing the joy and freedom the other disciples experienced. What might you be worshipping through your thoughts, priorities, and decisions that could also be killing your connection with abundant Life?