Love Everyone Life By Life

Join us as we launch a movement to love everyone life by life. We’ll learn how with God’s leadership in our lives, we can each impact a few people around us, and that impact can multiply to many more for years to come.

Love Shares

October 28, 2018 John Burke

Our stories create a picture for others to see how God enters our lives and brings healing, meaning, and connection, rather than the rules and condemnation we sometimes associate with Him. But how do we face down our fears of others’ reactions and explain how God has freed and empowered us?

Love Serves

October 21, 2018 Justin McCarty

To love others well means to serve them. But oftentimes, our own agendas and skewed priorities can get in the way of our putting others first and serving them with a happy and humble heart. What will it take for us to serve others like Jesus did?

Love Engages

October 14, 2018 John Burke

God’s greatest commandments were to love God with all our heart and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. That kind of selfless love for others is a love that engages—one that meets others where they are and is intentional. But what might loving our neighbors, co-workers, and friends in this way really look like day-to-day?

Love Listens

October 7, 2018 John Burke

It is often much easier to talk than to listen. Listening actively and engaging in other-centered communication can be a real challenge. However, Jesus showed us that listening is a key aspect to making people feel truly valued and loving them well. How could listening help you better love and care for the people around you?

Love Cares

September 30, 2018 John Burke

There are people we encounter everyday, at work, in our neighborhoods, or even in our own home, that may seem happy or content. But many of the people around us suffer with a deep feeling of loneliness—a lack of connection that isn’t always readily detectable from the outside. God demonstrated a love that cared about such connections, and He wants us to continue to intentionally demonstrate that love. How can you show you truly care about those around you?