Make Room

December 3, 2023 - December 24, 2023

This Christmas join us for a brand new series, "Make Room". We center on welcoming Jesus into our lives, allowing His transformative presence to ignite hope in every space. Explore the profound impact of creating space for Him in your hearts, homes, and relationships. This series underscores the life-changing power of embracing Jesus, unlocking the promise of hope, and experiencing a more meaningful and joy-filled holiday season. Join us as we make room for the true essence of Christmas and find hope in His presence!

Room for the King

Week #4 December 24, 2023 Carlos Ortiz

In order to fully grasp what God wants to do in your life, you must break the box you limit Him to.

Who’s In The Room?

Week #1 December 17, 2023 Carlos Ortiz

No matter how far from God you feel and regardless of what you’ve done, there’s room for you.

The Waiting Room

Week #1 December 10, 2023 John Burke

Have you ever felt like you’ve been waiting on God for a long time and things aren’t changing? Even in the most desperate situations and in the most hopeless seasons- God will always keep His promises.

Is There Room?

Week #1 December 3, 2023 Carlos Ortiz

The hope of Jesus can transform every part of our life, but it’s up to us to let Him in.