Mind Blown

Some questions about God are hard and hit topics that find top Christian thinkers disagreeing. What is our destiny? Can we choose? Can we lose our relationship with God? Are there evil forces working against us? How is the world going to end? Some just ignore these issues. Others argue and fight over them. What does the Bible say about these hard questions? We will wrestle with the scriptures and positions that Christians take as well as apply it to our lives. Get ready to have your mind blown!


September 11, 2016 Ted Beasley

As we commemorate the 15th anniversary of 9/11, our question about whether the tragedy made us stronger as a country raises an even more important question. How does God turn evil that affects our own lives into something good? How do we experience “eucastrophe” (Tolkein’s word for joy breaking forth from tragedy)?


September 4, 2016 Ted Beasley

The Apocalypse … It’s a Greek word that combines two roots, apo meaning “away from” and calypsos meaning “veil.” The Apocalypse, therefore, is the revealing of God’s great hope and purpose. All of history is heading toward a fulfillment, a culmination of all God’s promises. Most of our lives are spent thinking about the here-and-now –- paying our mortgage, doing our work, loving our families, enjoying our weekends. When you think about the Great Apocalypse, the return of Christ, does it fill you with hope? Or are you confused by what you see in Scripture.


August 28, 2016 John Burke

Do you sense the tension between faith and works? We don’t have to prove our worth to God — He proved our worth through Christ. What He wants is our faith, our trust in Him, but as God draws us close and assures us of His acceptance and love, we follow Him doing the good works He created us to do. This tension of assurance is what you’re invited to wrestle with this week.


August 21, 2016 John Burke

For what am I destined? Does God have a plan for my life? If so, am I on the right track, or did I screw it up with bad choices? Though if God knows the future and has a plan laid out for me, then what difference do my choices make anyway? If God knows, does that mean all is predestined even evil acts? But if I can choose good or evil, how can God be in control and give me confidence my future is secure? Is your mind blown yet? This week we’re looking at the challenging question: Do we really have free will or is everything predetermined?