In our society, we are often taught to see ourselves through filters. Whether the filters are ones of negativity, paint us as a product of our past, or discourage us from being our true selves, they can be truly detrimental. How can we learn to strip away all the filters and instead live content to see ourselves through God’s eyes—no more and no less?


October 8, 2017 Justin McCarty

Scrolling through photos on your phone or computer often brings a few surprises. Some photos churn up memories that aren’t so pleasant to think about. Just like the annoying acquaintance who photobombs every photo, there are things in our life that always seem to show up, seldom welcomed. Whether it’s others reminding you of past mistakes, the family that can’t trust that you’re sober now, your own self-condemnation over secret sins, or the sins themselves — they photobomb our lives. What if you could delete them all with one fell swoop? God has given us a way, through His son Jesus.

Blind Spots

October 1, 2017 Justin McCarty

New drivers are taught to check their blind spots because they can’t see everything around them in their mirrors. Not only do we often misjudge how others see us, but it’s also all too easy to have misperceptions when it comes to how we see ourselves. How do we start to recognize the blind spots in our lives and move closer to how God views us?


September 24, 2017 John Burke

We all grew up afraid of something as children, perhaps monsters in the closet or spiders crawling outside. But generally our parents would make us feel safe. Now, as adults, we have to encounter a whole new set of monsters, like relational conflict or financial ruin. But God offers us a totally different perspective, one where we are more than conquerors. Will we run and quake with fear, or will we find boldness in the security that God offers us?


September 17, 2017 John Burke

Have you ever used a filter to project an image that was different from reality? In life, we can end up seeing the world through a filter that actually distorts reality and hurts our ability to live in the fullness of all God intended. God is the only one who sees reality fully, so how do we remove these negative filters and see the world from His perspective?