God often uses unlikely people and situations to teach us valuable lessons. In fact, many of the stories we hear in the Bible involved some wild characters. But through the experiences of those spirited rebels, we find keys to understanding God’s nature, humanity’s problems, and the reality of who Jesus is. How can the stories of old help unlock the answers to some of our deepest questions?

Elijah/John the Baptist

April 14, 2019 Robb Overholt

Throughout our lives, we will have opportunities to pave roads for others and to have them paved for us. God does the same for us, as He shows us the path He would have for our lives, although we don’t always choose His way. Are you ready to allow God to take the wheel and drive you down the paved road?


April 7, 2019 Kenny Green

Having an unpopular message to share with others can be a daunting task. But just as we need friends and family in our lives to share truth with us, we also serve a God of both truth and love. How can God’s truth, even when tough to hear, lead us to a more hopeful future?


March 31, 2019 John Burke

It’s often easy to make our own plans for our lives, and it’s often difficult to let go of those plans when things don’t seem to be going the way we expected. But God tells us in the Bible that He has His own plan for each of our lives, and He promises us that His way will be best. What does it take to let go of our plans and to trust God in every aspect of our lives?


March 24, 2019 John Burke

Many times in our lives we experience circumstances beyond our control, whether that involves finances, relationships, family, health, or even the weather. Being human, we often feel the need to worry and try to control the various factors in our lives in an attempt to protect ourselves and the ones we love, but ultimately we don’t have the power. What could it look like to let go and trust God to be in control of all the things we care about so much?


March 17, 2019 John Burke

In life, we all go through trials and tribulations that may seem impossible to get through. Moses, a man whose life is chronicled in the Bible, had many such difficult situations. But we learn through his experience that we’re faced with a choice of whether we will act out of fear or whether we will trust God. When times get tough, will you cry out to God, or will you trust in your own limited abilities?