Relational Landmines

Everyone wants healthy, lasting relationships — in dating, with spouses and children, with coworkers and friends — and yet our world seems to blow a part relationships at an alarming rate. To have the relational health we all want, we must learn to diffuse the three landmines that destroy relationships. Join us as we gain the courage to confront conflict, unearth hurts and diffuse unforgiveness before it destroys those we love most.


August 14, 2016 John Burke

Forgiveness is central to the message of Jesus. It’s a simple concept to understand, but it’s quite possibly the most difficult thing to live out consistently in our lives. Without it, there is no way to experience the abundant life and relationships that God wants for all of us so how do we navigate through our unforgiveness?


August 7, 2016 John Burke

Our hearts can be our strongest muscle, but they’re also very vulnerable. Wounded hearts can impact our lives for decades. How do we heal from those wounds so that we don’t turn around and wound others?

Conflict Avoidance

July 31, 2016 Ted Beasley

Conflict is hard, whether it’s in our families, with friends, in the work place or even at church. When relationships become battered, it’s challenging to address it and bring healing. It seems like our natural instincts lead us to all sorts of actions that don’t help on the road to reconciliation. Fortunately, God is committed to healing relationships, and Jesus is a constant guide towards forgiveness.