We all want to be our best selves, but what does that require? How can we become the loving, life-giving person we all desire to be? Self-awareness. Self-awareness is a key trait that predicts success in relationships at home, at work, and at school. Yet, it’s so difficult to cultivate. We all know people who don’t see themselves as others do—in fact—that’s fairly pervasive. However, we seem to think we’re immune to this same lack of awareness. Maybe, we’re not. Maybe, we aren’t as self-aware as we’d like to be. How can you know? Join us August 9-23 for our Self Aware series as we explore how to be confident in our self-awareness before God and those around us. Invite a friend, or, maybe even, that particular “someone” in your life that could use a good look in the mirror. We’ll never tell why you invited them!

See Your World

August 23, 2020 Eric Bryant

Learning how to be self-aware is not easy, but it can make a difference in all areas of your life. This week, we’ll be investigating what makes a great employee, boss, and student. How can speaking and hearing the truth in love help us and those around us be more successful? When should we submit to authority and when should we take time to lead?

See Your Household

August 16, 2020 John Burke

How can we learn to receive positive feedback from those who know us best—our spouse, roommate, and family? How can we become more self-aware, even when their feedback can be the most difficult to hear? And, what do we do when feedback is not given well? How can we seek safe, outside insight to make us more self-aware?

See Yourself

August 9, 2020 John Burke

Self-aware people succeed because they are able to take feedback without getting defensive. They have a growth mindset that allows them to receive feedback, filter out the noise, and make positive changes. How can standing in God’s grace allow us to remove the fear of feedback from others? How can knowing how God sees us give us the confidence to have a growth mindset? Let’s explore these ideas on Sunday together!