Smarter, Faster, Stronger...Wiser?

Everyone wants to get smarter, faster, and stronger when a new year rolls around, but those goals can come and go. What if we actually set as a new year’s resolution to become wiser? God’s wisdom found in the Proverbs affects every area of our lives and doesn’t just make us a little better in the short run. Are you looking to God to help you get wiser and to right-order your life this year?


January 28, 2018 John Burke

In the various areas of our lives, we often confront situations that require wisdom to respond in the best way possible for us and those around us. Sometimes we need wisdom at work with a difficult coworker, at home with an angry spouse or rebellious child, or with friends and other family members. To whom do we turn for wisdom, and is that source actually wise? What would it look like to seek and find wisdom from the God who desires to lead us each and every day?


January 21, 2018 Justin McCarty

A tiny seed, receiving consistent watering over time, can emerge into a massive sequoia tree. The choice to humble ourselves, when watered with the active, steady practice of listening, can grow into something strong and enduring – wisdom. Where do you find yourself in the process of cultivating wisdom that comes from humility?


January 14, 2018 John Burke

The world sees life as a challenge in which we discover who can achieve the most the fastest. There doesn’t even seem to be much focus on determining if the things you strive for are worth achieving. Hard work is a part of life, but as Christ-followers, we aren’t meant to go it alone or make decisions without careful consideration. How can we begin to live like we understand that we’re not working hard to prove our worth to society, but we’re working hard because we know God sees us as worthy?


January 7, 2018 John Burke

For most of us, ringing in the new year involves a lot of honest reflection around how to do life differently going forward. Thankfully, there is no shortage of resources to help us! There are more books, seminars, Ted Talk videos, and podcasts than anyone could digest in two lifetimes. But how do we sift through all the knowledge out there in order to tap into the wisdom that can lead to a lasting change?