The Unmanageable Life

Do you feel stuck? Maybe, you’re struggling with something that feels out of your control? With the year we’ve had, who isn’t? This could be an addiction, anger, stress, anxiety, even grief. What steps can we take to become “unstuck?” What role does God play? What role do others play? What role are you supposed to play? Come explore with us a way of living our lives that has brought peace, hope, and freedom to so many in our community as we begin The Unmanageable Life series starting September 13th and running through October 4th.

Fearless and Vulnerable

October 4, 2020 Eric Bryant

When taking an inventory of our life’s realities, we must dig into the past to create a path forward. Getting honest with the impact we’ve had on others and the impact others have had on us is key to opening the door for God to take charge of our lives. How can we learn to trust and follow God as He helps us confront and overcome the brokenness of our past?

Letting Go

September 27, 2020 John Burke

Life can sometimes feel like you are swimming upstream in a river capped with white waves. You come to realize that you can’t manage it. That realization is key. What must we do to realize that we can’t do life without God? How can we turn life over to Him to manage our unmanageable lives? How can we learn to let go?

Waking Up

September 20, 2020 Kenny Green

Have you ever asked God for something and felt that he didn't respond? Maybe He did, but your view of Him kept you from understanding His answer. Could a misconception or a faulty understanding of God be getting in the way of living your best life, the life He created you to live? Let’s explore how to look to a power greater than ourselves to work out our unmanageable lives.

The Unmanageable Life

September 13, 2020 John Burke

Living right is hard work. In fact, it's impossible. The more honest among us are open about our struggles with things that always seem to knock us down. The rest of us attempt to play the part of a good person on the outside, but deep down realize we are living a lie on the inside. It's time to get honest about how powerless we truly are in managing our lives. Let’s explore how to take that first step toward truly becoming the person God created us to be.