February 18, 2024 - March 17, 2024

Things aren’t always as simple as black and white. So how do we navigate the gray? Join us for our new sermon series- Timeless. We will explore wisdom in a nuanced world. Drawing inspiration from popular sayings and proverbs worldwide, each message aligns them with Biblical wisdom. Maneuvering life's complexities, we want to bridge the gap between human insight and the guidance that God’s Word and His Spirit offers us.

Wisdom That Outlives You

Week #5 March 17, 2024 Ross Sagehorn

“Con los años la viña da mejor vino.” (With years, the vine yields better wine) – Latin American Proverb 

We are wise when we learn from our elders and invest in our youth.

Wise Words

Week #4 March 10, 2024 Carlos Ortiz

“Words once spoken cannot be taken back; like an arrow released, they find their mark.” – Modern Proverb

Growth-Minded Wisdom

Week #3 March 3, 2024 Carlos Ortiz

"The wise create proverbs for fools to learn, not to repeat." - Nigerian Proverb
We are wise when we learn from everything and everyone.

Wisdom In Karma

Week #2 February 25, 2024 John Burke

“What goes around comes around.” – Indian Proverb.  

We are wise when we have the end in mind.

The Source of Wisdom

Week #1 February 19, 2024 Carlos Ortiz

When you drink the water, remember the spring.” - Chinese Proverb

We are wise when we realize all wisdom begins with trusting in the source- God.