Vintage Faith

What is the goal of spiritual growth, and how do you get there? Most people don’t know. This series will look at the stages of spiritual growth that have survived the test of time. You can know God, experience a more fulfilling life, and even thrive in every season of life. Spiritual growth is not always easy, and sometimes downright confusing. Come find out the path forward from wherever you find yourself now.

One Love Forever

January 31, 2021 Eric Bryant

God offers us unconditional love, peace, and joy. Too often we settle for glimpses of these good gifts. We can experience the fullness of God’s transforming love on this side of eternity. Discover how God heals our hearts so we can live more fully in the mystery and wonder of who God is and help others do the same.

Desire and The Dark Night of the Soul

January 24, 2021 John Burke

Too often we settle for American Churchianity, a religious version of consumerism. God is inviting us into something deeper and better. Rarely talked about in modern churches, suffering can be an important catalyst in our spiritual journey. Too often the very things we are trying to avoid may be exactly what we need for what’s next for us in life.

Following Into Love

January 17, 2021 John Burke

We long for these things, but are we looking for them in healthy ways? The self-help industry may share practical tips, but too often the results are short-lived and superficial. Discover genuine freedom from “being” rather than the trap of “doing.” We can become motivated by love rather than obligation while setting better boundaries and living with fewer resentments.

Beginnings and Failures

January 10, 2021 John Burke

A new year gives us a fresh start to find ourselves by connecting with the One who created us and connecting with others in a meaningful way. When we are overwhelmed and lacking hope, we can borrow it from someone else. Discover how when we feel like we are failing we can actually learn how to help that move us forward.