Voices 2020

Don't miss our hit summer series, Voices, when we'll be welcoming dynamic speakers to Gateway! With topics from addiction to healing, from approaching Christianity as a detective to overcoming challenges in the job, who will you invite to join us online for each speaker?

Succeeding at Work and Faith :: Monica Pool-Knox

August 2, 2020 Monica Pool-Knox

Women make up only seven percent of the top executives in Fortune 100 companies and that includes Monica Pool-Knox as the Head of Global Talent at Microsoft. Prior to Microsoft, Monica led human resources for Marketing and Sales at Twitter, was the Chief Diversity Officer for PepsiCo, The Walt Disney Company and Verizon, and proud UT alumni. But rising up the ranks of corporate America hasn’t been her only challenge. As a Christ-follower, Monica has also had to navigate her faith in the workplace. Thanks for joining us to listen to what she has to say!

Addiction is a Family-Affair :: Rob and Danielle Koke

July 26, 2020 Rob and Danielle Koke

Before the pandemic, before the stay home orders, and before national protests speaking out against injustice, families were already dealing with a crisis. Addiction. One in seven Americans has a substance abuse problem. That’s 40 million people. And, it’s a disease that can happen right in your own home. Just ask the founder and senior pastor of Austin’s Shoreline Church, Rob Koke, who witnessed the suffering of his addicted child. Rob and his daughter, Danielle, join us as part of our Voices series to pull back the curtain on the mind-numbing power of addiction and offer hope and real strategies for those longing for freedom.

Where God Found a Muslim Boy :: Aman Quadri

July 19, 2020 Aman Quadri

Every summer during our Voices series, we seek to amplify stories that seem to transcend our everyday lives but still have an impact that can affect us all. Honestly, we all have stories, and, whether we know it or not, God has a hand in the narrative of each of us. We may be afraid to tell it, but through sharing these stories, we can connect with those around us. We may never realize how our story may become someone else’s cornerstone for healing. Aman Quadri, a Gateway board member, has just such a story.

Cold-Case Christianity :: J. Warner Wallace

July 12, 2020 J. Warner Wallace

Ever wanted to be a detective? Follow the evidence? That’s exactly what Los Angeles County homicide officer and former atheist, J. Warner Wallace, has done to examine the claims of Christ. Using the skills and strategies of a hard-to-convince criminal investigator, Wallace approached the New Testament like he would a cold case, and he’ll be sharing his findings today.