Voices: Gateway's Author Series

Gateway has invited three top authors and speakers to share their voices in this incredible series coming from Las Vegas to Hollywood.

Voices: Produced by Faith

July 24, 2016 DeVon Franklin

Look at your life as a story, like a movie. God is the director. You are the lead role and partner with God in writing the script. You have a calling, a big idea, that God has called you to do. You must discover that vision and develop it into production. Like any good movie, you will face conflict. You’ll have detractors. You will face setbacks, but, if you hold on to your faith and stay true to whom God has created you to be, you’ll succeed.

Voices: Finding Faith in the Dark

July 17, 2016 Laurie Short

Life just doesn’t seem fair at times. Why does it feel like God isn’t answering your prayers? Why are you going through the struggles you have? Why does it look like others have a better situation than you? Is God really with you? These questions can create a haunting darkness in your life, making you feel alone and faithless. How can you find faith in the dark?

Voices: God for the Rest of Us

July 10, 2016 Vince Antonucci

God is not just for good people; He’s for bad people. He’s not just for the religious; He’s for the rest of us. Discover the God who wants a relationship with all of us.