Your Next Great Adventure

August 7, 2022 - August 28, 2022

When we choose to walk by faith, God leads us to experience a life filled with purpose, but this requires taking risks. Where we feel comfortable and safe is not where we accomplish or create great things. Discover life beyond boredom and binging and experience the life you have always wanted. Your next great adventure requires being on a mission, taking God-given risks, maximizing your creativity, and resulting in a positive impact.

Labor Day

Week #1 September 4, 2022 Ross Sagehorn

You are in for a special message with Ross Sagehorn, our North Campus Associate Pastor!


Week #4 August 28, 2022 John Burke

As you walk by faith, God guides you to make a difference in the lives of others. Serving, loving, and pointing them to the Source of Love creates a ripple effect throughout generations. Rather than the number of places you’ve seen or shows you’ve watched or widgets you’ve sold, in the end what matters most are the lives impacted through our life of faith.


Week #1 August 14, 2022 John Burke

Your next great adventure depends on faith. Many people don't experience this adventure because stepping out in faith requires taking risks. You can't stay in your comfort zone and still exhibit faith. When you take the risk, that's when God shows up and you learn to walk by faith as you walk by faith. Discover the risks worth taking.


Week #1 August 7, 2022 John Burke

You were created on purpose and with a purpose. A relationship with God allows you to make the most of every good and bad experience life throws at us. Walking by faith is not always easy, but it’s a life most worth living. Discover how setting aside the instant gratification of today can enable us to accomplish a mission that’s far greater than we could imagine.