Ukraine Update

Ukraine Update

Here is an update from Gateway’s Kirby Holmes, Director of Slavic Partnerships for Storyline Missions.

I am writing from Lviv, Ukraine. We delivered food and supplies to the city of Lviv on Saturday from a Slovakian bus. It will make a difference in providing for Ukrainians locally and further east where the needs are greatest.

Many churches are serving 3 meals a day to 100-200 displaced Ukrainians. This requires lots of resources that are not readily available. Shipments of supplies like these are vital to ongoing care for people through our church partners.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for three church denominations organizing urgent refugee humanitarian aid in western Ukraine. Baptists, Presbyterians, and the Hope to People alliance prepare for this critical serving need. Pray for the mobilization of financial and material aid to over 2 million refugees needing help.

  • Pray for Russian Christians who are embarrassed and ashamed of what their county is currently doing in Ukraine. Pray against shame. Pray for their role in Russia to help bring a peaceful resolution to this conflict.

  • Pray for our travels and efforts as two of our Storyline staff have been traveling to Poland and Lviv to help with refugee humanitarian aid.

  • Pray for wisdom as I  develop a short-term plan (1-2 months) a medium-term plan (3-6 months) and a long-term plan (6-12 months) for ongoing engagement in the needs of Ukrainians. 

Thank you Gateway for your prayers. Thank you for your financial generosity to support the work of caring for people in desperate need in Ukraine.

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