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Gateway Church in Austin, TX

January 13, 2021

Love Everyone Life By Life FIND COMMUNITY GET INVOLVED Healthy Relationships Current Series More Messages Latest Message Get Involved Learn More Looking for healing? Let us help. Restore Classes Locations…

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Fast and Furious :: Live with God’s Heart (like David)

June 21, 2020

Happy Father’s Day! Today we’re taking a look at David to help us learn how to be a person after God’s own heart. In this Fast and Furious world, what…

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The Unmanageable Life

September 13, 2020

Living right is hard work. In fact, it’s impossible. The more honest among us are open about our struggles with things that always seem to knock us down. The rest…

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Across the Aisle

September 6, 2020

Are you already tired of this election season? The social media arguments, news coverage, family bickering, and lawn signs are constant reminders of our starkly divided communities. As a follower…

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Politicked Off

August 30, 2020

Think back to the last time someone brought up politics during a family dinner. How did that go? As we talk politics with our friends and family, feelings get hurt…

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See Your World

August 23, 2020

Learning how to be self-aware is not easy, but it can make a difference in all areas of your life. This week, we’ll be investigating what makes a great employee,…

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See Your Household

August 16, 2020

How can we learn to receive positive feedback from those who know us best—our spouse, roommate, and family? How can we become more self-aware, even when their feedback can be…

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See Yourself

August 12, 2020

Self-aware people succeed because they are able to take feedback without getting defensive. They have a growth mindset that allows them to receive feedback, filter out the noise, and make…

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Succeeding at Work and Faith :: Monica Pool-Knox

August 2, 2020

Women make up only seven percent of the top executives in Fortune 100 companies and that includes Monica Pool-Knox as the Head of Global Talent at Microsoft. Prior to Microsoft,…

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Addiction is a Family-Affair :: Rob and Danielle Koke

July 26, 2020

Before the pandemic, before the stay home orders, and before national protests speaking out against injustice, families were already dealing with a crisis. Addiction. One in seven Americans has a…

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Where God Found a Muslim Boy :: Aman Quadri

July 19, 2020

Every summer during our Voices series, we seek to amplify stories that seem to transcend our everyday lives but still have an impact that can affect us all. Honestly, we…

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Cold-Case Christianity :: J. Warner Wallace

July 12, 2020

Ever wanted to be a detective? Follow the evidence? That’s exactly what Los Angeles County homicide officer and former atheist, J. Warner Wallace, has done to examine the claims of…

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